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First: Thank you for buying or reading A is for Adverb. It’s amazing to think you did. As I said, it’s my hope that the stories and comments collected here in the Alphabet Archives will be an inspiration for all us authors in agony while we work towards our goals.

Second: You’re hopefully here to share a story of yours, so I’ll yield the floor …

(Be warned: Trolls will be summarily executed. This is a happy place.)

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  1. First of all, let me say that I love this book! It’s loaded with wit, humor, insight, and encouragement! I almost feel like I’m sitting at a coffee shop and we’re discussing the woes of writing. It’s so lovely. Since I don’t want to write a response equal to the length of your book, I’ll pick one letter I really enjoyed. And that’s N for Newb Kid on the Block.

    The reason I bring this letter up is because I think you’re spot on in what you say, and it personally touches home probably way more than it should. I wrote a book. (I’m in the midst of final edits now.) But I’ve struggled with writing a second. Because let’s face it, the jump from one book to two is huge! And it’s so easy for me to get lost comparing myself to other people’s great works and accomplishments. Or to look at the finish line that seems almost worlds aways. There’s so much more pressure this time around. I think because it’s more real…it’s not just a hobby. I DO have something to lose where I didn’t before…and it’s my dreams. My hopes. What I love. Your words have encouraged me to keep going. To keep plugging away even though I’m not sure of the outcome. Even if I’m not guaranteed success. Because writing is what I love. It’s how I express the deep, hidden parts of me…however strange and messy they are. LOL. And as long as I keep going, no matter what setbacks I face, well, to quote your own words, “It’s enough.” I have to learn to stop looking around–at distance, at obstacles, at other’s works–and focus on the vision I have, the love I have. Thank you for reminding me of that!

    I look forward to reading more from you. And to quote you one last time, “Write on!”

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