Word for That: Groak

In the interests of improving our use of the English language (LOL, who needs that?), the word of the month is:

Groak ~ to watch people eating food in the hopes they will offer you some.

I, personally, am very guilty of this. So now, when I’m groaking, I suppose I should at least ask before I take that french fry.

Otherwise, it’s just rude.

Anyone else a groaker?

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History Bites

History is boring. You know, fall asleep at your desk, memorize facts and dates and dead people’s names boring.

Except it isn’t.

You’ve bought into the Big Lie.

History is awesome. History is ALL the stories of ALL the people and ALL the cultures that have ever existed.

How the f*ck is that boring? (Sorry, I’ll try to keep the cursing to a minimum.)

As I (infrequently) have the opportunity to point out on this blog, history should grab you, fascinate you, but never bore you.

And, because I like to tell stories, occasionally it may give you a big old bite in the…

Well, you know.

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