Do Your Vampires Sparkle?

So…I’m having this problem.

I hate when vampires suck. So many have become cliche, boring, and sometimes sparkly versions of their former monstrously potent selves.

Dracula was not the first or only vampire mentioned in stories, but he is certainly the one known best. He was a powerful character for several reasons, but part of his appeal in Bram Stoker’s book was the subversive sexuality combined with the promise of immortality. Both very ‘catchy’ themes.

But now sex is everywhere – really, just Google ‘sex’ and you can find some. Actually, you can find every kind there is.

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Word for That: Brabble

Brabble ~ To argue stubbornly over trivial matters.

This brings to mind an episode of Mad Men, when Pete Campbell recalls how the last conversation he had with his father was an argument over dog breeds, which could have been easily resolved by checking the facts.

I am guilty of brabbling on occasion, usually because it’s just so much fun. But there is a limit. Like Pete Campbell, you never know if your last conversation with someone will be a brabble.

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Word for That: Groak

In the interests of improving our use of the English language (LOL, who needs that?), the word of the month is:

Groak ~ to watch people eating food in the hopes they will offer you some.

I, personally, am very guilty of this. So now, when I’m groaking, I suppose I should at least ask before I take that french fry.

Otherwise, it’s just rude.

Anyone else a groaker?

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History Bites

History is boring. You know, fall asleep at your desk, memorize facts and dates and dead people’s names boring.

Except it isn’t.

You’ve bought into the Big Lie.

History is awesome. History is ALL the stories of ALL the people and ALL the cultures that have ever existed.

How the f*ck is that boring? (Sorry, I’ll try to keep the cursing to a minimum.)

As I (infrequently) have the opportunity to point out on this blog, history should grab you, fascinate you, but never bore you.

And, because I like to tell stories, occasionally it may give you a big old bite in the…

Well, you know.

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