Why do Witches Eat Children?

I was thinking about Hansel and Gretel yesterday.

Which got me thinking about how stupid they were to use breadcrumbs to mark their path through the woods. Instead of saving food to eat, they mark a trail with it. I guess there could be good reasons for that.

But then they get to the witch’s cabin, made out of delicious candy and gingerbread and whatnot. Of course they’re going to dig in. And the mean old witch, well naturally she’s built said house to lure children to her so she can eat them.

And I’m like, whoa! Hold up.

Why does she need to eat children if she can make a whole house out of food?

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The Nobodies of History

A lot of historical fiction focuses on big events and famous people—those names and deeds that are well enough known they might intrigue an audience. There are certainly events which have gripped my imagination. The eruption of Vesuvius is one, and that’s why I wanted to include it in at least one book.

However, the flip side is that it’s not the event itself which fascinates me. It’s how such a big event affected your regular, average person. Makes me wonder

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Io Saturnalia!

This time of year

in every age was viewed by all classes of the community as a period of absolute relaxation and unrestrained merriment (from Lacus Curtius)

Methinks not much has changed in the intervening two millennia.

While many will argue that it cannot be proven Saturnalia eventually gifted (hehe) any characteristics to Christmas, here are a few striking similarities:

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History Bites

History is boring. You know, fall asleep at your desk, memorize facts and dates and dead people’s names boring.

Except it isn’t.

You’ve bought into the Big Lie.

History is awesome. History is ALL the stories of ALL the people and ALL the cultures that have ever existed.

How the f*ck is that boring? (Sorry, I’ll try to keep the cursing to a minimum.)

As I (infrequently) have the opportunity to point out on this blog, history should grab you, fascinate you, but never bore you.

And, because I like to tell stories, occasionally it may give you a big old bite in the…

Well, you know.

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