The Nobodies of History

A lot of historical fiction focuses on big events and famous people—those names and deeds that are well enough known they might intrigue an audience. There are certainly events which have gripped my imagination. The eruption of Vesuvius is one, and that’s why I wanted to include it in at least one book.

However, the flip side is that it’s not the event itself which fascinates me. It’s how such a big event affected your regular, average person. Makes me wonder

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A is for Adverb: Coming Soon!

Well, gentle readers, in the interests of unlocking yet another achievement, I’m pleased to announce that my first book, A is for Adverb: An Alphabet for Authors in Agony, will be released in September.

Cover sneak-peek right here:

A is for Adverb

Wisdom? Nah. I don’t got no stinkin’ wisdom.

But I do have some humorous and honest observations on cutting my teeth in the world of authoring.

Some of my favourite topics:

E is for Emotions

F is for Fuck and Other Swears

and, of course

Z is for Zombies and Other Monsters

Stay tuned for the official launch date.

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Unbelief: My First Short Story is Out

Achievement Unlocked! First publication.

I released my first short story, Unbelief, here on my website. Edit October 13, 2017: And now on It’s about a girl who learns she can unbelieve things from existence. But what should she choose to get rid of?

Not a giant leap for mankind, but the first time I’ve officially put a story out for public consumption.

If you enjoyed, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Write Like a Pirate

Once you start seriously developing your writing as a craft, you realize you need more expert feedback than your mother can give. So you set your course and sail into the waters of critique. No matey, this is not a mythical land. But any critique group is populated by writers with deadly weaponry. Your well-intentioned critiquers will bear down on you, cannons blazing with a heavy shot of RULES!

As they blast their way through the hull of your manuscript, you might wonder where you went wrong. What dangerous waters have you sailed into? How can a good pirate like yourself save your manu-ship from total annihilation?

First, let me assure you that your first draft sucks. Everyone’s does.

Second, let me reassure you that it can be saved. And your creative side can be saved, too. How?

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4 Steps to Dynamic Characters

I’m in the process of creating characters for the sequel to my first novel and I realized:

I don’t want to do what I did last time.

It was exciting, interesting, crazy, and took way too much time.

Like many people, I had a concept and a main character for my first book, and the excitement of writing and discovering her world made it fresh and fun. But now I know better. Writing, especially when you are actually trying to write well, is hard. I want to craft stories that are interesting, that resonate with readers, and that do my characters and ideas justice. Those are tall orders.

So what I did last time—let my characters grow organically and then edit like a maniac until my eyes bled—won’t work again. Not without me becoming alcoholic at any rate.

I need a process.

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Where’s Your Flux Capacitor?

I guess the first question is really this: What is the Flux Capacitor?


…it’s what makes time travel possible.

And that’s all you need to know.

What a great bit of storytelling! The entire Back to the Future franchise rests on the ability of Marty McFly and Doc Brown to travel through time in their suped-up DeLorean. But do we really need to know how time travel works? Nope. We just need to know that it does.

Therefore the Flux Capacitor makes time travel possible and it also makes the story possible. All without being explained in the slightest.

So the real question of this post is: What makes a story possible? What is it that a plot relies on to make all the action which follows it make sense? If you are writing a story, do you know what is special about your story which allows it to happen?

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